In Gratitude
Kimberlee, has been such a blessing in my life. She used a combination of well thought out questions and intuition to get the heart of what was holding me back. She has helped me see things in a way I had never thought of before opening the door to new possibilities. I am grateful to her for making such a difference in my life. ...Kelli, Austin, TX

I feel Blessed 
Hello, I would just like to say how amazingly gifted and blessed you are Kimberlee. Even though I’m on the other side of the world in Australia, and even though I have never met you I have felt such a deep connection with you. I AM extremely grateful for all your guidance through these last few years. I recall waking up early on the morning of January 17th 2011, and writing this to you ”Oh my gosh. I am thinking strongly of you. I have woken at 2:42am. I've been lying in bed fully aware of you. Literally seeing you, I instantly feel strong and focused”.You had organised to do a Theta Healing on me and I hadn’t realised the strength and potency of this until that morning. Your words of guidance through your many posts resonate with me daily and uplift me and I often feel reassured that I AM on the right path after reading them. It’s as if you truly understand the depth of life’s trials and tribulations endured by many and your pure Angelic connection is inspiring to me. Kimberlee I do BELIEVE you are a true LIGHTWORKER in every sense of the word and I’m very BLESSED to know you. Thank You!LOVE’s LIGHT to you....Camellia, Sydney, Australia

New Found Freedom 
Kimberlee helped me find my way when I was lost. She gave me a direction to follow. She helped me during periods of severe stress to find a new solution to the problem. That solution was to let go of the thought of needing to control and fix problems. I was set free with this new ideology. I can only control my actions, not  others, and shouldn't stress over them. The sessions with Kimberlee gave me a new, brighter, more free outlook on life! ...Kelly, Boise, ID 

Great Insight
Kimberlee's help was excellent and helped me so much in my day to day life. She asked intuitive questions to help spur on answers that were already inside of me. I would recommend her to anyone, regardless of the goal or situation in life...Kris, Missoula, MT

Finding your True Path
I highly recommend Kimberlee as a life coach if you are looking for someone who listens and helps direct you to a place where you can find clarity in your life and open yourself up to new possibilities. She is down to earth, intuitive and supportive. I believe Kimberlee is a natural healer and this is the work she was meant to do. If you choose her as your life coach, I believe you will start down a path of revealing your true self and life's purpose. It is a process and Kimberlee is an amazing person to lead you down that path...
Leslie, Boise, ID

God Bless You!
Hello, my name is Alexandra Montero. I am 36 years old and I live in San Jose', Costa Rica. Two years ago, I was scared because my son was very sick, he was born with reflux and had surgery when he was 20 days old. We visited a lot of doctors between Costa Rica and Mexico and took a lot of medicine. Finally we found our Angel, Kimberlee and she helped me with Paolo without pictures or trips to the USA. She explained to me everything he had in detail, told me what I needed to do with him and we did it! Now my son is better and we only go to the doctor once or twice a year to check him.  Kimberlee is always in our hearts and we love her so much. God always bless you, Kimberlee! ...Alexandra Montero, Costa Rica 

Self Discovery
Kimberlee is incredibly intuitive, insightful and encouraging and has helped me find my way through very challenging and painful times. Likewise, she has shared my joys as I have progressed in finding personal peace and direction for my newly defined life and circumstances. Having her guidance and counsel was instrumental in self discovery, recovery and most importantly acceptance of myself. Kimberlee has a gift which is rare and to be treasured. I am grateful for her friendship, words of encouragement, and most especially the distinct honor of having had her wonderful impact on my life...Laurie, Boise, ID